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Quotes from Free Communion

QBLH “Those who have felt the pull of destiny to become more than they are, are invited to study, learn, and apply the ‘Gnosis of Regeneration.’ · No dues are exacted! · Members are encouraged (but are not required) … Continue reading

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Interesting find

The architecture of today’s anarchist movement can be described as a decentralized network of communication, coordination and mutual support among autonomous nodes of social struggle. During a bit of random reading today I happened across the above quote from Uri … Continue reading

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A couple of great books!

All, You should check out these books by Denny Sargent (aka Aion) of the Horus/Maat Lodge. Clean Sweep: Banishing Everything You Don’t Need to Make Room for What You Want. Your Guardian Angel and You

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Bran’s Island – E-Books Galore

Hello friends, I would just like to point out a wonderful website created by my dear friend, magickal advisor and brother in the Work – Donald Correll. The website is called Bran’s Island. Consider visiting for Free Books, Art, Poetry, … Continue reading

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