Some upcoming events

Friday, October 29th: Preliminary opening for Fet Gede, including a Litany of the Saints recited by myself and Bishop +Thomas Langley. This is intended to be a small gathering. Contact me for details if you are interested.

Saturday, October 30th: Fet Gede. Location is Ezili Roots. Arrive at 6:30 PM. Ritual starts at 7:30 PM. Contact Tau Vescha or Tau Anahita for more details if you are interested. PDF handout is available.

Sunday, October 31st: Tantric Puja. Time is 9 PM. Location is Kwan Yin House. Mike Crowley will instruct us in a sadhana for Chenrezig.

Monday, November 1: Gathering at Mount Arabia. Time is 2 PM. Location is Consecration Rock. Facilitated by Ormus Lodge.  Activities include an overview of the Great Arabia Mountain Working and points chauds empowerments. In addition we have a special guest (confirmed as of last night!) Mike Crowley – a native of Wales traveling from his current residence in California. Mike Crowley is a Buddhist scholar specializing in interpretations of iconography. Mike will be performing a Mountain Incense Offering as a blessing to appease any potentially obstructing spirits of Mt. Arabia, a local power spot for Free Illuminists and others.

Tuesday, November 2: Black Sun Mass. Time: 7 PM. Location: First Existentialist Congregation, Candler Park. Facilitated by Tau AHA and Tau Saga, Templi de Niger Sol

The Black Sun Mass is the primary public working of the Temple of the Black Sun.  It is an invocation/eucharistic experience of the 11 rays of the Black Sun.

Wednesday, November 3: Via Nocturna. Time: 8 PM. Location Blue Mark Studios, downtown Atlanta. Facilitated by Thomas Karlsson, Founder of Dragon Rouge, Stockholm, Sweden

Via Nocturna is the second-ever Dragon Rouge Working on U.S. soil. Dragon Rouge is a Left Hand Path Occult organization in Europe that works with a number of techniques and traditions, formulated in a powerful and unique way. Thomas will guide us through a visionary journey, using methods that will be familiar to some, but still uniquely Dragon Rouge. It is a very rare opportunity for us to experience the Work of this extraordinary Order, though hopefully it will open the door to more exchanges.

Thursday, November 4th: Celebration of the EGC Gnostic Mass. Dove and Serpent Oasis, OTO. Arrival Time 7 PM. Mass starts at 8 PM sharp. Contact Fr. Volo Adamo for details.

Saturday, November 6: Scorpio Party. Location: Kwan Yin House. Time 8 PM. It happens to be a Nu Moon in Scorpio that night as well, so Sol and Luna will both be in the Sign of the Scorpion – not for the faint of heart! Let’s celebrate all the Scorpios amongst our local communities! Contact Tau Ishaviva for details.

This is free communion in action! Come celebrate with us!


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