Illumination Expo 2011 – Call for donations

Mount Arabia

Photo by Tau Tula

Please consider donating for Illumination Expo 2011.  This is an annual event hosted by Free Illuminists local to Atlanta, GA.  Current events include a magical/musical performance by Amodali who is visiting from the UK,  an art exhibit for local artists,  talks, presentations and workshops on Vodou,  healing,  points chauds,  Gnosticism, Buddhist iconography and more. Guest speakers include T Allen Greenfield,  Tau Naamah,  Michael Crowley,  Caleb Storms,  Bill Zenn, Pixie Bruner,  et al.  Art presented by Max Grimm,  J.M. VonKotterhausen,  Tau Roger,  Darian Parker and Caleb Storms.  Music presented by DJ Light.  Dates are Wednesday 14 September for Amodali’s show,  Friday and Saturday 23 and 24 September for the art exhibit,  poetry readings and presentations.  Other events are also being planned.  A complete schedule with times,  locations and other details will be forthcoming. We do not intend on making a profit for these events.  We want to offer the events for free , or – at the very least – a very inexpensive entry fee. This is a celebration of how illumination extends out through our lives and is expressed through our art and ideas. If you choose to make a donation,  it is possible you may receive compensation back if we break even.

Donations can be sent to the PayPal account listed below (click on the “Donate” button).

Contact me with questions or comments.
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